3KCBWDAY2 – A true story

Long time a go, not long from here a Princess ran away from home.

Her dear mother, the Queen of her country, had died, and her dear father, the King, had remarried. The new Queen, the Princess` stepmother, was (of course) evil and cruel. She made the Princess wear clothes made of acrylic yarn from sunrise to dawn. In the night she forced the Princess to sleep in cheap acrylic fibers, and it was absolutely intolerably.

So at last the Princess couldn´t think of any other solution, than to run away, and so she did.

It was a long and perilous quest. She climbed over the oldest and the highest trees. She heard the leaves whisper in the wind: “What a you doing, little child?” “Watch out for all the dangers in the wood, little child”

When she got too tired to proceed, she crouched where ever possible and got a little sleep. But it was horrorfull. She was tired and scared, and she lay on the naked ground, she didn´t get much any rest.

Once she almost drowned.

Luckily a white and caring Fairy followed the Princess.

Without the Princess knowing, the fairy guided her towards another Kingdom. It was the legendary land of Woolistan, where the grass is covered with happy sheep, and where no one is ever forced to wear acrylic clothes.

One cold and stormy night the Princess made it to the stairs of the King of Woolistan´s castle. She was exhausted and fell asleep for a moment.

The King and Queen found her on their stairs. They lifted her up, and togged her in a bed made of the softest of the softest wool ever touched by hand.

And they made their big, scary but also woollen and caring cat guard her, as she slept for 100 hours.

When the Princess woke, she fell in love with the Prince of Woolistan. They got married, and the Prince build the Princess a wooden castle, made of the legendary multicoloured timber of Woolistan.

They did – of course – live happily ever after. And this is – of course – a true story.


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34 Replies to “3KCBWDAY2 – A true story”

    1. Thank you very much. Yarn stories luckily almost always have happy endings. If they don´t, you can always unravel and start over again. 😉

  1. okay, this was awesome! I love the photos of her drowning (morbid, eh?) and ‘king woolistan’ and his famous multicolored wood. great stuff!

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